Friday, October 30, 2009

THE ROVER BOYS_I Hear Music/Graduation Day

Another early white group featuring Brooklyn native,Lead singer Billy Albert with Doug Wells from the UK and canadians Larry Amato and Al Osten.they took their name from the famous series of children's books.

Present in the doo wop guides with...

-Love Me Again / Come To Me. ABC Records-1955.
-My Queen / Sixteen Tons. ABC records-1956.
-Graduation Day / I Hear Music. ABC Records-1956.
-From A Scholl Ring To A Wedding Ring / Young Love. ABC Rrecords-1956.
-Soft Sands / My Baby's Steppin Out. Vik Records-1957.
-I Got To You / What Can I Do for A Headache. Vik records-1957.
-You're My Everything / Blue Willow. Vik Records-1958.
-Blind Date / Make Room For Me. Vik Records-1958.
-Ask Me Who Loves You / Sagapo. Vik Records-1958.
-Little Darling / Magic Lamp. RCA records-1959.
-Julie / Sweet. RCA records-1959.

Bio of the group at;

Listen_I Hear Music. ABC Records-1956.

The Rover boys had in 1956 a Top 20 with the school-themed_Graduation Day.


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