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This group have the only Rock & Roll/Doo-Wop record ever done in Latin_Gaudeamus.

They started in the Poly Prep High School in Brooklyn as The Legends;Richard Berg,Richard Perry, and the lead singer Jim Picardi they recorded a demo song_Zoom Zoom Zoom.Coral Records liked the song and offer a contract to the group The group under the name of The Escorts recorded two singles for Coral Records with a new lead singer named Rodney Garrison.

-Gloria /Seven Wonders Of The World.Coral Records-1962.
-As I Love You/Gaudeamus.Coral Records-1962.

When the group know to girl named Goldie Zelkowitz this replaced Rodney as the Lead singer and recorded two singles for Coral as Goldie & The Escorts.

-Somewhere / Submarine Race Watching.Coral Records-1962.
- One Hand, One Heart / I Can't Be Free.Coral Records-1963.

After of these recordings Goldy formed her own girl group Goldy & The Gingerbreads.meanwhile The Escorts took another lead singer named Bobby Lance and he was the lead on their last two records in Coral.

- Back Home Again / Something Has Changed Him.Coral Records-1963.
- My Heart Cries For You / Give Me Tomorrow.Coral Records-1963.

By 1965 the group had disbanded.
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