Tuesday, January 13, 2009

THE VALADIERS-Motown's First White Recording Group

The Valadier's were motown's first white group, thier original line up was , Jerry Light(Bass and Baritone), Stuart Avig(Lead), Martin Coleman(Lead,Bass and Baritone) and Art Glasser(Tenor).

They signed to the Miracle label in 1961, they had thier 2nd and 3rd singles on Gordy, Stuart ended up on Ric-Tic Records in the mid 60's and Marty Colman stayed at Motown as a writer.

Complete Bio at;http://www.northernrefineries.com/Valadiers.htm

Valadier's Web Site At;http://www.valadiers.com/index.php


-Greetings (This Is Uncle Sam)/Take A Chance.Miracle Records-1961.

-While I'm Away/Because I love Her.Gordy Records-1962.

-I Found A Girl/You'll Be Sorry Someday.Gordy Records-1963.


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