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Bottom left:Tom Hicks Bottom right:Bob Ussery Top Left: Chuck Girard Top Right: Joe Kelly.

White pop trio from the Santa Rosa High School in California.formed in late 1958 by Chuck Girard,Tom Hicks and Joe Kelly.in early 1959 Bob Ussery joined the group and the quartet with the help of local DJ Dan Dillon and the money of Girard's mother recorded a demo.the group present the demo to some record companies and finally sign a contract with Era Records.

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 They recorded....

-Little Sad Eyes / Romeo. Era Records-1961.
-Sacred / I Get Dreamy. Era Records-1961.
-My Miracle / Make Believe Wedding. Era Records-1961.
-The Vision Of You / Stiki De Boom Boom. Era Records-1961.
-So This Is Love / On The Streets Of Tears. Era Records-1962.
-Oh, What It Seemed To Be / Stand There, Mountain. Era Records-1962.
-Echoes In The Night / The Only One. Era Records-1962.
-Lown Prince / Eternal Spring, Eternal Love. Era Records-1962.
-Little Sad Eyes / Initials. Era Records-1963.
-Some Enchanted Evening / What Do Little Girls Dream Of. Era Records-1963.
-I do / Teardrops. Warner Bros Records-1964.
-Could this be you / Shinny Up your own side. Warner Bros Records-1964.
-Love finds a way / Tell her if i could. Warner Bros Records-1964.
-An angel cried / just walk away. Decca Records-1965.
-Life goes on / I thought you'd like that. Decca Records-1966.
-In a letter to me / We better slow down. Solomon Records-1967.
-I'd Like To Know / Rocky Ridges. Laurie Records-1968.
-Some enchanted evening / jerusalem. UA Records-1968.
-Two lovers / jerusalem. UA Records-1968.

The Castell's have four songs in the Billboard charts...

-Sacred #20,May 1961.
-Make Believe Wedding #98,October 1961.
-So This Is Love #21,April 1962.
-Oh! What It Seemed To Be #91,August 1962.


In 1962 The Castell's recorded on Era Records a complete album...

So This is Love / I Get Dreamy / Some Enchanted Evening / The Vision of You / Stiki De Boom Boom / Make Believe Wedding /  Oh! What It Seemed to Be / Sacred / Stand There Mountain / Little Sad Eyes / Clown Prince / Dancing in the Dark.

By early 1964 the group was on Warner Bros. Records where recorded the side_I Do. written by Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame this tune is a Beach Boy's unreleased side and a remake of their side_Count Fair.

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Above the Castells at Ed Sullivan CBS TV Show.

Without success in Warner Bros.the group recorded for disparate labels as Decca,United Artists and Laurie Records and finally in the early 1965 broke up without another success in the charts.

Listen The Castell's sides...Teardrops/Stiki De Boom Boom/Could This Be Magic...


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bykboi said...

Your Photo of 'The Castells with Ed Sullivan' is not The Castells who are the subject of this blog. The subject group never appeared on Ed Sullivan.
In 1963 the late Bob Ussery left the group & was replaced By Greg Van Krugel (at bottom left of photo on cover of "The Castells & Beyond" album) who recorded with them on all their Warner Bros. & Decca sessions.