Thursday, December 31, 2009

THE OCTAVES (Val Records)

White vocal group from Detroit consisted of;Joe Arcilesi,Dick Applin,Chuck Mills and Dominic Chiaravalli.
In 1958 recorded the single...
-Mambo Carolyn/Your Too Young.Val Records.


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Unknown said...

I was an original member, of The Octaves...I formed the group in 1954, while we we were all attending Cooley High School, in Detroit. Most of us were involved with the vocal music classes and select groups, of the music department. We were very interested in the most if the black vocal groups that were singing the Detroit Doo-Wop, Blues and spirituals. Motown, was just starting at the time and they would not welcome a white group, singing the black sound. We were instrumential in introducing that sound as we sang the sock hop's in the Westside of the city.
We were also influenced by the close harmony sound of The Four Freshmen and we would include that close harmony, in our Doo-Wop may have noticed it on our recording of You're Too Young.
We had six wonderful years, after we graduated high school, singing throughout the mid-west, and if we only had met the people that knew the record business, we may have gone futher, with our one and only record, that we totally put together.
After it's all said and done, it didn't happen for us, but I hope you enjoyed what we put down, on this recording....Regards, Joe Arcel