Monday, May 2, 2011

DANNY ZIP_Hey Hey Girl

In 1964 two members of the Bay Bops vocal group on Coral Records(see in this blog) Barney Zarzana(on top) on Baritone-Bass and Danny Zipfel on Lead recorded together for M-G-M Records the sides_Hey Hey Girl(The Dip Dip Song)/Please Listen To Me. under the name of DANNY ZIP (Many sites acredited this recording to Danny Zip & The Zippers but I never see a copy of this recording with this name).

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Bobby Diskin said...

Danny Zip (Zipfel), of the Bay Bops, also released (with vocal group back-up) "Philly Stomp" b/w "Anna" on Coed Records in 1961. Another release by Danny, with Barney Zarzana helping him out, was "Old Dan Tucker" b/w "The Other Side" as by Dino (Danny paying homage to his idol Dean Martin) on Regalia Records circa early '60s.

In 2008, the four original Bay Bops (Danny Zipfel, George Taylor Jr., Bobby Serraro and Barney Zarzana) reunited and all saw each other, for the first time since their breakup in 1958 and performed at a show in New Jersey. Danny Zip and George Taylor Jr. has since passed on.

Bobby Diskin - Brooklyn, NY.

Bobby Diskin said...

Left out - that Danny Zip and group recording of "Philly Stomp" b/w. "Anna" came out on Coed Records as by Guy Joey.