Friday, October 9, 2009

THE BARBARIANS (Laurie Records)

Yes! this punk-garage band from Provicentown,Massachusetts is present in all the doo wop guides with songs as...

-I'll Keep On Seeing You.Laurie Records-1966.


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Viaeanguli said...

While I realize that Doo-Wop literature sometimes includes groups such as The Barbarians I also wonder about the justification. For example, listen to this group's other files on YouTube: "Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?" and "What The New Breed Say." Even their "I'll Keep On Seeing You" leaves something to be desired from a Neo Doo-Wop perspective.

Certainly this is not to question our Host Blogger's wisdom for including The Barbarians since I'm grateful to be able to hear them. Rather I'm wondering how unreasonable are my thoughts?

It truly would be good to learn the thoughts of other Neo Doo-Wop aficionados reading this blogg. Thanks for sharing them.

viaeanguli aka Scott