Sunday, July 4, 2010


In the early 60's Beverly Warren was part of The Brentwoods an unrecorded group from Brooklyn consisted of(l to R):Pete Ponticelli(2nd Tenor),Frank Lepre(1st tenor),Nicky Morani(Baritone),Beverly Warren(Falsetto) and(seated) Steve Shelto(Lead).

When The Brentwoods broke up Beverly was part of Ricky & The Hallmarks they signed with Ellie Greenwich and this send the group to Amy Records where in 1963 recorded (without Beverly) two sides _Wherever you Are/Joanie Don't You Cry.


Ellie recorded to Bev as a solo artist for United Artist Records with the sides_It Was Me Yestarday/Like A Million Tears. witout success with these sides Bev continue with their music solo career working with the Tokens and Laurie Records.


Additional Note;

The Brentwoods group who recorded in 1960 for Dore Records the sides_As I Live From Day To Day/Midnight Star. are a diffrente group from California consisted of Warren Joyner,Jo An Wilson,Roberta Wilson,Alonzo Collins and Larzet Collins.Willis and Joyner siging in many others California groups as The Electras, The Freedoms, The Gents or TheValiants

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