Saturday, May 23, 2009


Group/Band from New Heaven,Connecticut formed in 1964 by left to right Frank Ruggiero,Joe Tiberia,Art DeNicholas and Tom Juliano.

In 1958 Artie and Tommy were part of The Catalina's on little Records(see in this blog)
The Van Dykes were greately influenced by The Four Seasons and recorded...

-Again Again/Rich Girl. Green Sea Records-1965.

-I'll Get By/Rocka-Bye Girl. Green Sea Records-1965.(re-released on Cop-Op Recordsin 1967).

-Miracle After Miracle/How Can I Forget. Gran Sea Records-1966.(re-released on Co-Op Records in 1967).

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Joe left the group and the rest singing as a trio. in the pictures; Frankie,Tommy and Art.

 The group with two new members singing and play as a band....

In 1967 the lead singer Frank Ruggiero died in a drowning accident on Juanary 19th.


Louise said...

I know Kenny Nolan. I was hoping to see a picture of him there any pictures of him around? Wasn't the group later called Kenny and the Van Dykes?

balisevitale said...

never called that, frank was my uncle (my mothers brother) reading this told us the day he died, we just knew the year, its not even on his stone.