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The Four Lovers have evolved into the well know Four Seasons.Their Story really started in 1953-54 when Francis Castellucio aka Frankie Vally from New Jersey recorded two singles one for Mercury Records as Frankie Valley & the Travelers and another in the Mercury subsidiary label Corona Records this only as Frankie Valley,in these recordings Frankie's have a studio backing group.neither record met with anny success.

By 1956 Frankie joined The Vairiety Trio formed by Nick and Tommy DeVito and Hank Majewski.Changing their name to The Variatones and soon signed by RCA calling themselves The Four April-August of 1956 they recorded several tunes for RCA Records break into the charts with_You're The Apple Of My Eyes.reaching nº 62 in May. In this recording session April 12,1956 the members consisted of...

Thomas DeVito;Vocal/Melody Guitar/Leader.
Henry Majewski;Vocal/Rhythm Guitar.
Nicolas DeVito;Vocal/Electric Bass.
David "Panama"Francis;Drums.
Frank"Frankie Vally"Castelluccio;Lead Vocals/Drums.
Alfred Williams;Piano.
Leroy Kirland;Contractor.

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After recording on RCA a complete album the group by early 1958 signed for Epic Records where recorded the sides_My Life For Your Love/Pucker Up. but this record failled in the charts and the group temporally disbanded.

In late 1959 Frankie rejoined The Four Lovers their next record appear on Decca Records credited only to Frankie Vally_Please Take A Chance/It May Be this time Nick DeVito had dropped out and was briefly replaced by Charles this same year Cindy Records had released the group's_Come Si Bella/Real.under the name of Frankie Valle & The Romans.


With these released names members of the group are unhappy and Calello and Majewski left the group and were replaced by Nick Massi(of the Hollywood Playboys,see in this blog) and Bob Gaudio.

The changes made a new group nameThe Four Seasons.their first recording was on Gone Records with_Spanish Lace.when Bob Crewe signed the group as a back up 1961-62 they recorded under the names of the Topics or The Rays as well as without credit name for solo artists.

LISTEN to Billy Dixon & The Topics_I Am All Alone.Topix Records-1962...

By 1962 Bob Gaudio had written a tune called_Sherry.this is presented to Vee Jay Records the company liked signed The Four Seasons a contract and_Sherry.was a great success in 1962 went nº 1 on the charts for five weeks and the rest is history.

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