Sunday, September 28, 2008

THE DELICATES_Little Girl Of Mine

Trio from California consisted of;Denise Ferri ,Peggy Santiglia and Arleen Lanzotti.

They recorded;

-The Johnny Bunny / My First Date.Tender Records-1959.
-Black and White Thunderbird / Ronnie is My Lover.Unart Records-1959.
-Meusurry / Ring A Ding.Unart Records-1959.
-Flip Flip / Your Happiest Years.United Artists Records-1960.
-Too Young To Date / The Kiss.United Artists Records-1960.
-Little Ship / Not Tomorrow.Roulette Records-1961.
-Little Boy Of Mine / Dickie Went And Did It.Roulette Records-1961.
-I Don't Know Why (I Just Do) / Strange Love.Roulette Records-1961.

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ggjohnny said...

Hello, Cool pic of the Delicates. They are, however, from Belleville, New Jersey, which is a suburb of Newark, directly north of the city.