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In the mid 50's in Brooklyn emerged a vocal group know as The Emeralds(see above pictures) consisted of Artie Levy,Irving Brosky,Jimmy Laffey ,Tyler Volks and on ocassions Robert Dunson as Lead Singer.

In the early 1958 the group consisted of Artie Levy (Bass), Irving"Lonnie"Brosky (Lead), Jimmy Laffey(Baritone),Eric Nathanson(2nd Tenor) and Richard Jackson(1st Tenor).

Now know as Lonnie & The Carollons(by the Carollon Hotel) they recorded in 1958-1960 for Mohawk Records.

-Chapel Of Tears/My Heart.Mohawk Records-1958.
-Trudy/Hold Me Close.Mohawk Records-1959.
-You Say/Backyard Rock.Mohawk Records-1959.
-The Gang All Knows/Ike Hammer.Mohawk Records-1960.

Their side_Chapel Of Tears. was very popular in the New York area.


When the group broken Eric recorded a solo single under the name of Ricky Reynolds and later was a member of The Vocal-airs on Herald Records.

Lonnie(Irving Brosky) continue in Mohawk Records as a solo artist and recorded in 1961 the song_Beeline.

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