Sunday, May 10, 2009


Josie,Joanie and Audrey,The Castle Sisters were in The Complete Book Of Doo wop with two singles recorded on Roulette and Terrace Records.

This trio from Charleroi, P.A. moved to New York City in the mid 1950's and recorded for Epic records in 1956 as THE KOSSOL SISTERS...

-Kissin Cousins-Mr. Winter.
-While the Calliope Played/The Thrid Monkey.

In 1959 moved to Roulette Records and recorded as THE CASTLE SISTERS...

-Drifting And Dreaming/Lucky Girl.
-Thirteen/Will You Love Me Tomorrow-1960.(mentioned in the doo wop book).
-Dream/Light Of Love-1960.

In 1961 the girls recorded two singles for Triodex Records...

-Love Me/Bad Boy.
-Come With Me/Treasure Of Love.


Finally in 1962 the group moved to Terrace Records and recorded...

-Sailor Boy/Forgive And Forget Me.
-Goodbye Dad/Wishing Star.( mentioned in the doo wop book).
-Mister Summer/Non,Monsieur.
-Are You Happy Now Mother?/Forgive Anf Forget Me.

-Goodbye Dad. charted # 100 nationally in the summeor of 1962.



Christine said...

I am very familiar with the group "The Castle Sisters" - they are my aunts. They were born in a small town called Charleroi, PA and moved to NYC in the 1950's and recorded many singles there - "Goodbye Dad" ranked the highest, I think. They also went by "The Kossol Sisters" but I'm not sure which name came first.

After their brief singing career they turned to singing in their churches. One of the sisters actually passed away earlier this year but the other two are still singing and going strong. If you have any particular questions, feel free to e-mail me, but I hope this helped!

Don said...

Hi, Christine. IO lost a solid rock I could lean on when Josie was born into eternity. She help me learn how to be a Minister to the sick. Audrey helps keep me on the straight and narrow these days.

Is there any way to get some of their performances (audio and video)?

God Bless...... Don (