Monday, December 28, 2009

JIMMY & THE TOWERS_Meaning Of Love

This South Philly group recorded only one single in 1959 on the Debann label owened by Milton Malish and Tom Fausto.

They recorded their original song_Meaning Of Love.and_Our Last Chance.this song was inspired in the Lewis Lymon's tune_Your Last Chance.

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The group consisted of Jimmy O'Hagan(Lead),Charles Novelli(2nd Tenor),Jimmy"Cricket"Colemman(Baritone) and Tommy Inzillo(Bass).A fifth member exist Mike Cascardo but was not on the record he only sang in live perfomances(see picture).

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Unknown said...

Thank you for putting our songs
on youtube Charles Novelli of
Jimmy an the Towers

Unknown said...

There is an original member named Frank Milorey
who sang in the group as second tenor and played the guitar on both songs(One more Chance and Meaning of Love) we did record hops and sang along side the Dovells and Dreamlovers.

Unknown said...

Do not remember frank did he have a nick name Ann Jimmy and I wrote them songs
in Jimmy's Mom house I left the group to go on to play drums was Frank a big
guy I have some pictures of him on stage with us i'll have to find them
I've been going to see Jimmy as much as I can before his passing jimmy shunts
something like that I will be seeing him at doo wop south philly stringband club
to night thank you Charlie