Sunday, November 20, 2011


The Avolons from New Heaven,CT were originally called The Pastels when they first formed in 1957 but changed their name in mid-1957 because The Pastels of "Been So Long" fame.

They took their new name The Avolons from the box of the deck cards they were using,The Avolon Deck.

This group have many personal changes,members know of this group in different times were Ed Hayden,Larry Meeker,Chuck Packevicz,Dave Kendricks or Jim Colwell (first from left) of The Catalinas(see in this blog).

This was an unrecorded group but in the 70's Wallis records released one single with the Avolons 1957 Klik demo_Stuttering/Cheater. under the group name of THE AVALONS.

To Listen or Download_Stuttering. Please visit;

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mamapack said...

The Avalons were the BOMB!! Still are, in fact. Many members are still active in singing in various acapella styles, barbershop, most notably. The Packevicz brothers are still going strong!