Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The FABULOUS ECHOES, a pop group based in Hong Kong in the early 60's. They made several records that were very popular in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia in the early and mid 60's.

The early lineup of The Fabulous Echoes consisted of Tony Ruivivar (leader, guitar), Terry Lucido (keyboards), Stan Robertson (bass), Bert Sagum (vocals, percussions), Cliff Foenander (lead vocals) and Danny Ruivivar (drums, xylophone). Tony, Danny, Bert and Terry were from the Philippines. Cliff and Stan were from Ceylan (Sri Lanka) and Scotland respectively. Their first hit, “A little bit of soap”, stayed No. 1 for several weeks in H.K. in 1964.

They are present in all the US Doowop guides with songs as_Dancing on The Moon/Sunshine/I Never Knew...


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