Tuesday, October 11, 2011

THE ATLANTICS (Rampart, Linda & Faro Records)

This chicano band from El Monte L.A. is present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop with...

-Boo-Hoo-Hoo/Everything Is Gonna Be Alright. Linda Records-1961.

-Remember The Night/Flame Of Love. Linda Records-1962.

-Let Me Call You Home/On The Range. Rampart Records-1965.

-Fine Fine Fine/Beaver Shot. Rampart Records-1965.(*)

But really only the last recording(*) is from this band and they don't have a doo wop sound.


The others recordings mentioned in the book were by a different atlantic's group...

THE ATLANTICS (Featuring Barry White).

This also from Los Angeles is a complete black group formed by Lead singer Delbert Franklyn,Chick Carlton(Tenor),Gaynel Hodge(Tenor) and Barry White (2nd Lead and Bass).they recorded for Rampart,Linda and Faro Records oriented doo wop sides as_Boo-Hoo-Hoo.

Listen at;http://www.musicpophits.com/Music/Atlantics/AtlanticsBooHooHoo(1961).wma

Or go to Youtube...

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Whitedoowopcollector said...

I receive this Email from Chick Carlton...

First of all Delbert Frankin is not a member of the Atlantics, he's the sax player for the Mixtures band, who recorded "Stomping at the Rainbow" and Gaynel Hodge use to sang with the Turks, and wrote Earth Angel and later became a famous arranger, he's about 74 by now.
The Atlantics: Were Barry White, Jimmie, Theo and Chick Carlton who also sang and wrote So You Want To Rock with the Majestics. Chick Carlton wrote and sang the lead on Strange World and Barry sang the background. Barry sang lead on HOME ON THE RANGE just before he left Faro to be a solo artist.