Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Tony Rausch,Ross Melodia,Bob Bubarth and Bill Schmidt from the Troy Hill District of Pittsburgh recorded in 1961 under the name of The Chapelaires for Hac Records.

- Not Good Enought//I'm Still In Love With You.
-Gloria/Under Hawaiian Skies.


After the two release Bill was replaced by John Lajzo and the group add Wayne Goldie and change the name to The Softwinds.

The Softwinds recorded in 1962 one record for Hac Record...

-Cross My Heart/Oh Baby.

Listen or Download The Softwinds_Oh Baby,please visit;

But without success they go back to the name The Chapelaires and in 1964 recorded for Gateway Records the sides_Vacation Time/It's Impossible Why Try.

And backed to Joni Kay for Gateway Records sides_Lonely Star/Happy Memories.

And to John Ivey for Scotty Records_Own A Real Live Clown/Far, Far, Far Away. and  again on Gateway to Marie La Donna(see in this blog).

Listen to John Ivey & The Chapelaires...

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