Sunday, November 29, 2009

THE EMBLEMS_Bang Bang Shoot'em Up Daddy

 Mixed group from the US Marine Corps.They took their name from the Marines Corps emblem.
The Group Consisted of;
William Johnson from White Plains,N.Y.
Harvey Hardy from Paterson,N.J.
Anderson Gilchrist from Brooklyn.
Sylvester Kinney from Boston.
Tommy Stauch from Meridale,N.Y.

In 1962 they recorded two singles for the New York City based label Bayfront Records owned by Leo Rogers.

-Poor Humpty Dumpty/Would You Still Be Mine.


-Too Young/Bang Bang Shoot'em Up Daddy.

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Tommy Stauch write_Too Young.later this guy changed their name to Tommy Vann and recorded again the song in 1966 for Academy Records as Tommy Vann & The Echoes(see in this blog).

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