Friday, June 26, 2009

REVIVAL YEARS...Myron & The Van-Dells ¿1963 or 1973?

MYRON & THE VAN-DELLS_Heartaches/Crazy Little Mama.Flo-Roe Records.1963.

The Doowop book Guides date this record as released in 1963 but by the picture group and the sound of the songs for me THE CORRECT DATE IS 1973.



Unknown said...

1976, Bill Gaines the guy with the black glasses was "Wild Bill" Will be attending the 35th reunion of the Van Dell's Nov. 13 and 14, Cincinnatti, Ohio. Check their web site for show times.

Emiliano M. A. said...

Pues ni 63 ni 73, parece ser que son del 75 ;)