Monday, August 24, 2009


Los Angeles chicano band present in the doo wop guides consisted of Ralph Ventura,Manuel Rodriguez, Albert"Bobby"Hernandez,Cesar ?,Max Uballez and Manuel Mosqueda.from the Lincoln High in East Los Angeles.

In 1962 with Max Uballez on lead recorded for Magic Circle Records and after signed with Del-Fi where recorded an all instrumental LP and backed to the Del-Fi’s Heartbreakers(see in this blog).

In 1964 the band recorded for Eddie Davis,Linda label five singles ( those 45’s have a remake of the Etta James-Harvey Fuqua duet _My Hearts Cries. Or _Don’t Let Her Go. And_Lover’s Thing. two popular sides in L.A. area).

Without any success and with the british invasion the band changed their name to The Smoke Rings.


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Unknown said...

The Romancers also played as 'The Majestics' with David and Ruben Robles on Linda 121. The record is '(I Love Her So Much) It Hurts Me' a massively in-demand Northern Soul 45.