Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture

( This Quotations group was the Bronx version where 3 members later
joined Larry Chance's Earls. (This is not the Brooklyn Quotations ca
1960-1964 on Verve.)


Stan Adams said...

The third member from the Left in the rear lineup is James E. Murphy from the Bronx. I was in the Navy with him aboard the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Lake Champlain in the early to mid 60's. He had showed me this photo back then and I've been trying to get a copy from him or his wife to no avail. Thanks for putting it up. It was rumored that Jimmy died in an auto accident in the the late 60's in Rhode Island, but it can't be substantiated.

aturbojetpilot said...

I was in the NAVY with Stan and Jimmy !

Chris ruggiero said...

My grandpa is Joey fornino on the top right of the picture he was the lead singer of the group and is now 71 years old and lives in Yonkers ny