Friday, January 23, 2009

RAY & THE DARCHAES (Aljon and Buzzy Records)

This group from Asbury Park,NJ. started in 1958 as The Ebb Chords by Ray Dahrouge (Lead),Tonny Julian (Falsetto),Louie Scalpati(Tenor),Sal Capalungo(2nd Tenor),Denny Testa(Baritone) and Sam Siciliano(Bass).

They did a couple of shows at The Carlton Theatre in red bank,at the 8th Ave pavillon in Asbury and of course in school 1960 the group changed their name to Ray & The Darchaes(name took from a meat packing company in Asbury park called Marcel Darche) and finally recorded...

-Jocko Sent Me/Nationwide Stamps. Aljon Records-1962. as Ben White & The Darchaes.
-Carol/Little Girl So Fine.Aljon Records-1962.
-Darling Forever/There Will Always Be.Buzzy Records-1962.


About 1963 Ray leave the group and was replaced by Nicky Addeo with their new lead the group recorded as Nicky Addeo & The Darchaes(see in this blog). also they were involved with Barbaroso & The Historians(see in this blog).

After this recording with Nicky the group have through the months many personal changes with many singer in and out of the group,finally the line up of the new Darchae's group consisted of new black member Barry Rufus Edwards with Ray Dahrouge, Louie Scalpati, and Sam Siciliano unafortunely this new formation never recorded.

Below The Darchaes with black member Rufus Edwards(first fron right) the other black guy in the center is a DJ.

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