Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Acappella Time With...THE FIVE FASHIONS

Acappella group from Stamford,Conn. Starting at top center and going clockwise..

Richy Maleski ( 2nd tenor)... Tony Matylinski (Falsetto)... Frank Arrico (baritone)...
Bruce Bundock (lead)...Richy Baur (1st tenor)... Bob Waters (bass).

In 1965-1966 they recorded for catamount Records the following sides...

1964 - Pennies from heaven / Ten Commandments of love.
1965 - Over the Rainbow / Solitaire.
1965 - My Girl / Kiss Kiss Kiss.
1966 - I'll be Home for Christmas.

Complete bio with songs about this group at;http://www.beaudaddy.com/fivefashions/index.html


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