Thursday, October 13, 2011

MARCI & THE MATES_Shall I Tell Him You're Not Here

In late 1959 The Youngtones (see in this blog) were disbanded and their lead John "Marsi" Marsicoverete with Robert Andriani work as back up singer for Phil Spector.

In 1962 John and Robert with Gil Rivera and Lous Lugo reformed the Youngtones group, recorded some demos and with the help of Phil Spector signed with Big Top Records where recorded under the group name

-Let Us Part For A Year/Shall I Tell Him You're Not There. Big Top Records-1962.

-Suddenly We're Strangers/Oops There Goes. Big Top Records-1963.

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-Shall I Tell. was a Pomus/Shuman composition with the orchestra of Klaus Ogerman,this song was covered by Dionne Warwick.

After Louis left the group the rest recorded with a Folk sound for Atco Records as Hans, Chris & Anderson (see above picture) or  as The Cottonfields...


In 1967 John Marsi with his brother Danny,Alfred Caneccha and Dennis Genovese recorded as The Roman Numerals for Columbia Records.

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