Thursday, October 16, 2008

THE VISIONS_Tell Me You're Mine

Group from Cleveland,Ohio with Robert J. DiPasquale aka Bocky Boo as the lead voice and Sonny ?, Tommy ? And Tony ?.

They recorded the following records;

-Marlene / Darling Dear.WarwickRecords-1961.
-There'll Be No Next Time / So Close.BrunswickRecords-1961
-Tell Me You're Mine / All Through The Night .Big Top Records-1962.
-Swingin'Wedding/Secret World (Of Tears). Big Top Records-1962
-Tommy's girl / Oh boy what a girl.Mercury Records-1963.

and the group without Bocky recorded...
-Down In My Heart/Tell Her Now.Coed Records-1964.


Later Bocky with Sonny Peters,Arnie Immerman and Jimmy Randazzo recorded in the mid 60's with a modern soul sound as Bocky & The Visions for Philips and Redda Records.


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