Tuesday, February 10, 2009

THE VA-LAIRES_I Go Lookin' For Jeanie

The story of The Val-Aires started in 1958 in the Turtle Creek High School in Pittsburgh were Hugh Geyer,Don Miller and Neil foster have a group know as The Decades also Chuck Blasko and Bill Burkette singing with a group know as the Delgados when these two groups broke up, The Val-Aires were born with Bill Burkette(Lead/Baritone),Hugh Geyer(1st Tenor),Chuck Blasco(2nd Tenor),Neil Foster(Baritone) and Don Miller(Bass). 

Initially they singing in the style of white pop groups as The Hi-Los or The Four Lads and made appearances with popular Dj Porky Chedwick. 

Click to enlargue to read a newspaper article about the group...

In 1959 auditioned for ElmerWillet who liked and signed the group to recording contract, Elmer send the guys to Hank’s studio in Cleveland, Ohio where recorded three sides_Which One Will It Be?/Launie My Love/I Go Lookin For Jeanie. In the fall of 1959 Elmer released the two first sides in his label, Willet Records. The disc have a big local aceptacion and the group participe in many live and TV shows in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. 



In 1960 Willet sold the masters to Coral Records for their national distribution and the A Side have a good airplay. During the year 1960 the group singing in the Pittsburgh area but when Burkette enrolled at the Indiana university, Foster to the art school and in 1961 Geyer and Miller join the army The Val-Aires disbanded. In the spring of 1964 the group returned (without Neil Foster) and soon recorded as The Vogues (see in this blog) and the rest is history...

Listen The Valaires previously unissued song_I Go Lookin' For Jeanie from 1959.

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