Sunday, February 7, 2010

THE DANTES_Top Down Time

Group from Carnegie,Pennsylvania formed in 1958 as The Itals (of Italians) and consisted of Bob Palombi(Lead),Rick Funaro(1st Tenor),Pat Molinaro(Baritone) and Bob Oliastro(Bass).

The group had been performing at boys clubs,VFW'S,record hops but in this time they never recorded and Bob Oliastro leave the group and Rick Funaro and Bob Palombi enlisted in the army.

In 1963 The Itals back with Pat,Rick,Bob and a new member Danny Pracquadio (Funaro's cousin),they auditioned for Joe Rock manager of The Skyliners He liked the group change their name to The Dantes and arranged a recording session at Bell Studio in New York City where the group recorded The Rockaway's(Tokens) tune_Top Down Time. and The Skyliners soundalike_How Many Times.


The disc was finally released in late May 1965 on Rotate Records and the record have big acceptacion on the local radio shows and in the Buffalo,NY. area but failed in the national charts and with many groups singing in their style The Dantes were dead by the summer 1965.

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