Friday, November 20, 2009

THE HOLIDAYS...Robbee & Nix Records

In 1960 Little Ray & The Velvedears(see in this blog) with the addition of a young lady were know as The Holidays.this Pittsburgh formation consisted now of Franny Grisnik(Baritone,Bass),Charlie Hatfield(Tenor),Raymond Lancianese(Lead & Tenor),Barbara"Jo"Lippzer Smith(Alto) and Frank Gori(Bass & Baritone).

The group moved to New York to record some demo_Miss You/Pretend/A Love I Never Had...were recorded and the group present these to Mr. Lenny Martin of Skyliner's fame,Lenny liked the demos and released in 1960_Miss You/Pretend. on the new label Robbee Records.

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Miss You.became a huge local success and open new doors for The Holidays with many live perfomances.In the early 1961 the group made another trip to New York a second recording session at this session they recorded their second and final release for Robbee Records_Lonely Summer/Then I'll Be Tired Of You.


Their second Robbee release did no do very well and the group sign with Mr. Nick Cenci this man change their vocal style to a more black sound and send the group to Nix Records where they recorded in 1961 The Keynote's_One Little Kiss. and the original tune_My Girl.

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The disc enjoyed some local success...but nothing more,of course,led to the break-up of The Holidays.

Today a reformed Holiday's group continue singing and some unreleased sides are available from Doo-Wop complilations as_A Lover I Never Had. or_Same Old Dream.

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