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In the early 60's Guy Villari and Chuck Fassert fom The Regents,Ronnie Lapinsky of The Tremonts(see in this blog) and Sal Corrente of The Dials/Lee & The Silver Tones/The Sinceres(see in this blog) form The Runarounds(aka The Run-A-Rounds).they took their name from the second Regent's release_Runaround.

Above; The Runarouds at Palisades Park.

The group doing miscellaneous back up work and in 1963 recorded their first single for Nat King Cole's KC label_Hooray For Love/Unbelievable. followed by another record in the London subsidisry label Tarheel Records_Are You Looking For A Sweetheart/Let Them Talk.


After this recording Sal Corrente left the group and The Runarounds recorded in 1964_Carrie(You're An Angel)/Send Her Back.on Felsted Records the A side is a Four Seasons imitation very popular in the local radio shows.


In this time the group have many life perfomances but Guy Villari was unavailable for personal appearances he was replaced by Tony DeFrancisco but Guy continue sing on the recordings.

When Chuck Fassert decided to Tray his luck as a single artist under the name of Chuck Harper the group recorded two singles in 1966-67 on Capitol and MGM Records with a modern sound and soon broke up.

Additional note;

Is suposed that The Runarounds(or a later formation of The Regent's) back up to Lee Mareno(See in this blog) on their 1961 New Art release_Goddees Of Love/He's Gone(Lonely Summer).

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