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Members of two groups from Connecticut recorded together as LARRY LEE & THE FOUR BEL-AIRES.

They were members of the White Group The Embers(see in this blog) and of the black group The Five Bel-aires.

Above;The Embers.

In 1959 recorded one single for MZ Records...

-Can I Be In Love/Stolen Love.

To Listen or Download please visit;

Or go to Youtube...

Below;The Five Bel-Aires.

A brief bio;Larry Lee & The Four Bel-aires were formed by members of two of Hartford's finest vocal groups,The Five Bel-Aires from the North End's Charter Oak Terrace and The Embers from the Park Street area.their single was recorded in Somers,Connecticut and the recording group consisted of Larry"Lee"Harper(Lead) from The Embers(Harry Hall the Lead of the Bel-airs was in the service) and Lewis Clayton(Bass),Joh Hall(1st Tenor),James Jenkis(2nd Tenor) and Elijah"Pres"McKinney(Baritone) of The Five Bel-aires.

Additional note...

The Five Bel-aires never made an own record but they back up to Paul Greenwood's on his Arc single_You Won My Heart.

Also the group have unreleased sides a...

Wedding Bells.
House Of Love.
Coming Home.
My Friend

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