Sunday, January 31, 2010

THE MAROONS_Don't Leave Me Baby,Don't

Band/group from Louisville,KY. formed by...

Chuck Campbell–Lead Vocal, replaced by Gary Edwards in 1962.
Jimmy "Hutch" Hutcherson–Vocal
Merl Dean–Vocal
Ronnie Carter–Vocal
Ernie Donnell–Lead Guitar, replaced by Bill Rauth in 1962.
Carl Boyd–Rhythm Guitar, replaced by Tommy Cogin on Keyboards in 1962.
Larry Joe True–Bass Guitar
Jon Anderson–Sax
John Moore–Trumpet, replaced by Dave Osbourne in 1962.
George Ridings–Drums
From left; Gary,Dave,Bill,Jon,George,Larry and Tommy.

The Maroons were formed in 1961 at Eastern State University. The majority of the group were from Louisville who were attending collage at Eastern. Several months after the group was formed, lead singer
Chuck Campell left the group and was replaced by Gary Edwards.

The group's first single was released in April, 1962,_Someday I'll Be The One/Don't Leave Me Baby,Don't., on the Queen label. The Maroons had one other single in1963_At The End Of Each Day / Just Checkin. Jimbo Label and disbanded in 1964.

In 1965 Gary Edwards and Bill Rauth formed Gary Edwards and The Embers which evolved into S.A.G.E. Ernie Donnell went on to play lead guitar with The Monarchs(see in this blog).

-Don't Leave Me Baby,Don't. is a Dion soundalike tune.

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John said...

Regarding: "In 1965 Gary Edwards and Bill Rauth formed Gary Edwards and The Embers which evolved into S.A.G.E."

This should read that John Bozeman joined the Maroons in 1964 and that summer brought Gary Edwards and Joe True (bass) together with Norm Osborne (organ) and Bud Dixon (drums) to fill out the house band for a nightclub called the Palms in Lexington, KY. We called this band Gary Edwards and the Embers which evolved into S.A.G.E. after I left in 1965. I'm guessing Bill Rauth may have been a founding member of S.A.G.E.

John said...

Also: Gary Edwards and the Embers had one single in 1964: To Be Loved/If You Don't Come Back, on Jimbo Records.