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DANTE & THE EVERGREENS (Madison Records)

Group from Santa Monica in California consisted of;Bill Young(Baritone),Tony Moon(Tenor),Don "Dante" Drowty(Lead) and Frank Rosenthal(Bass).

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They recorded...

-Alley-Oop/The Right Time.Madison Records-1960.
-Dream Land/Time Machine.Madison Records-1960.
-Think Sweet Thoughts/What Are You Doing New Year's Eve.Madison Records-1960.
-Think Sweet Thoughts/Yeah, Baby.Madison Records-1960.
-Da Doo/Think Sweet Thoughts.Madison Records-1961.

With the 1960 unreleased sides on Madison Records...

-Special kind of love.
-We're Ready For Love.
-Lover Not A Fighter.
-I don't Mind Anymore.
-Love is a miracle Maker.

In 1960 recorded one Lp for Madison(see above pictures)...

-Alley-Oop / Dream Lover / Let the Good Times Roll / Glory of Love / Da Doo / Hush A Bye / Time Machine / Venus / The Right Time / Blue Moon.


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In May,1960 charted #15 nationally with the tune_Alley-Oop.


The song was a number #1 this same month by The Hollywood Argyles(see in this blog).

In September ,1960 the group charted #73 nationally with the tune_Time Machine.


In 1961 they recorded this great doo wop song_Da Doo. for Madison Records.

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