Tuesday, March 10, 2009

THE CLASSICS_Life's But A Dream

Group from Garfield place in Brooklyn started as The Perennials in 1958 but the comedian Sam Sardi who play with they on one show change their name to The Classics when he present the group to the audience,the group consisted of Emil Stucchio(Lead),Tony Victor(1st Tenor),John Gambale(2nd Tenor) and Jamie Troy(Bass).

In 1959 their friend Lou Rotundo of The Passion's(see in this blog) recommended the group to their manager Jim Gribble this send the boys to Roger Sherman owener of the Manhattan based label Dart Records where the group recorded in early 1960 the sides_So In Love/Cinderella. the B side was a regional hit a sold 50.00 copies.

Two more singles were released on Dart Records in 1961 their last disc have a nice uptempo version of The Harptone's tune_Life Is A But Dream.


Roger Sherman sold the masters to Mercury Records and this label re-released The Harptones side on Mercury and Streamline Recopds.in this time the group back up to Herbie Lance on Promo Records sides_Blue Moon/LittLe Lost Boys.

Without any recording in the year 1962 Andy Leonetti of Musicnote Records ask to The Classic's to recording for him.on Juanary 1963 they recorded_Till Then/Eenie Meenie Mennie And Mo. the A side charted #20 on the Billboard list of June,1963.


Their next release on Musicnote Records failed to chart nationally and the group have another year without made another record.

Back in 1965 and recorded for Stork and Josie Records without any success and with another recording in 1967 for Picollo Records with the same results the group finally disbanded.

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