Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The twins Johnny and James Cunningham from Hicksville,Long Island were present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop with their RCA Releases under the group name of The Twin-Tones...

-The Flip-Skip/My Dear-1958.
-Joanne's Sister/Who Knows The Secret-1958.

In these recordings the brothers have the help of an unknow female Singer.


In December of 1957 they recorded one EP for RCA with the sides_Jo-Ann/Before You Go/My Dancing Lady/One Mail A Day.

_Jo-Ann. was very popular in the New York area and was covered by The Playmates(see in this blog).


In late 1958 RCA issued an EP with the sides_My Dear/The Flip-Skip/I Want A Girl/Together Forever. under the group name of The Twins(later they recorded as Jim and John) but with this names their recordings don't were listed in any book of Doo Wop.

1958,John and Jim Cunningham (The Twin-Tones) with Alan Freed (Mr. Rock 'n Roll) at the Brooklyn Paramount after their record Joanne broke into the top100.

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