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Group from Brooklyn started in 1958 and finally formed by Larry Kassman(Lead),Richie Schwartz(1st Tenor),Lew Arno(2nd Tenor) and Murray Hirshkowitz(Baritone).they took their name from one of their demo songs_Quotations Of Love.

In 1959 the group paid for studuio time to cut some demos and know to Helen Miller a songwriter who worked for Don Kirshner,Miller was soon the manager of The Quotations and send the group to Jack Covais of Tin Pan Alley label for an audition but unafortunely Jack not signed the group.

The original Quotations(clockwise from top);Lew Arno,Richie Schwartz,Larry Kassman and Harvey Hirshkowitz.

In early 1961 The Marcels #1 hit_Blue Moon. gave The Quotations idea about one standart song revised in an uptempo style and_Imagination. was born.the group signed with MGM Records and recorded in November 1961 the song with the B side_Ala-Men-Sy. in the subsidiary label Verve Records.


The song was a local hit and charted #70 nationally and move to the group to great live & TV perfomances.

The next recording of the group in the early 1962 contain another chestnut_This Love Of Mine. with the B side_We'll Reach Heaven Together. written by Helen Miller,without success with this single for their third release the group recorded The Tempo's tune_See You In September. and an original side_Summertime Goodbyes. inspired in The Safari's Tune_Image Of A Girl. this record was issued in the end of August and these summer songs received poor airplay because the season was just about over.


In late 1962 the group back up to Mike Regal on the Kapp single_Too Young/Is It True What They Say About Barbara ?.

After this recording Lew Arno left the group and was replaced by Sandy Sonner and they recorded in 1964 several acappella sides for Relic Records and finally the group broke up.

The Acappella group(L to R);Larry Kassman,Sandy Sonner,Richie Schwartz and Harvey Hirshkowitz.

additional Notes;
In early 1964 Admiral Records released two 1962 Quotation's sides_In The Night/Oh No I Still Love Her. this label was owened by Richard Wolfe the producer and arranger for The Quotations Verve releases and the group never know that this records was released.


In 1973 Downstairs Records released as single one alternative take of_In The Night. with the acappella side_Why You Do Me Like You Do.

_Why Not Why Not You. was a song The Quotations wrote and recorded in 1962 but never released,Helen Miller gave The Dovells a copy of this demo and they recorded and released on one of their Parkways Lp's.

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Mike Regal was the lead singer of Bobby Roy & The Chord-A-Roys(see in this blog) and The Romeos who recorded the answer song to the classic Tokens tune_The Lion Sleep Tonight.


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In late 1962 the group back up to Mike Regal on the Kapp single_Too ...