Friday, May 29, 2020

THE CASTLE KINGS...Atlantic records.

From the Complete Book of Doo Wop...


Guitarist Ed Adlum had the idea to write a scary song together with Phil Spector, they presented it to Atlantic records and the record label told them that if they formed a group they would record it, Ed recruited Frank Tinelli as lead voice, with Jimmy Walker and Bill Jantz. This is how the Castle Kings were born, they recorded two singles for Atlantic and separated.

Back row from left to right: Jimmy Walker, Eddie Adlum, Frank Tinelli and Billy Jantz.

-Loch Lomond / You Can Get Him-Frankenstein. Atlantic records-1961.

-Jeanette / The Caissons go Rolling Along. Atlantic records-1962.

In all those recordings they have a rockin' rollin' vocal group sound.


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