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Interracial group from the De Witt Clinton High School in the Bronx formed in 1956 as The Velvetones and consisted of Norman Fox(Lead),Bob Troutman(1st Tenor),Andre Lilly(2nd Tenor),Rober Thierer(Baritone) and Marshall"Buzzy"Helfand(Bass).

The black members Bob and Andie previous recorded with The Harmonies on Holiday Records

In early 1957 auditioned for Don Carter of Peacock Records this signed the group changed their name to The Rob Roys and recorded for the subsidiary label Backbeat Records the sides_Tell Me Why/Audrey.

The first side have a big aceptation on New York and Philadelhia and later charted #18 in 1961 by The Belmonts.The B side_Audrey. was Andre Lilly's girlfriend name.


In 1958 the group recorded as Norman Fox & The Rob Roys another single for Backbeat Records_Dance Girl Dance/My Dearest One. without success.


Unhappy with Backbeat the group went to Capitol Records(in this time Paul Schneller replaced Marshall) were they recorded their most famous disc_Pizza Pie/Dream Girl.


As the group continue with a still-valid contract with backbeat,Capitol give to very poor promotion of these sides.the group back with Don Carter and recorded four new sides_Lover Doll/Little Star/That's Love/Do Re Mi. but these never were releases until the late 80's as...

-Lover Doll/Little Star. Backbeat Records-1988.
-Rainy Day Bells/That's Love. Backbeat-1988.
-Do Re Mi/Lover Doll. Backbeat-1990.

_Rainy Days Bells. is originally by The Globertrotters.

In the summer of 1961 the group return to Capitol and recorded two sides_Aggravation /Lonely Boy. under the group name of The Tradewinds but Capitol never released these tunes.

To Listen or Download please visit:http://www.box.net/shared/r1t9qfbuho

B side...

Finally the group broke up in the late 1962 in this time during the first oldies revival period all thir recordings have a big acceptacion in the radio stations.

Complete bio at;http://robroys.homestead.com/Welcome.html

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Unknown said...

One of the finest groups to come out of NYC, and their second bass, Paul Schneller, did a terrific job on 'Dream Girl' and 'Pizza Pie'. Kinda wonder why Norman's current Rob Roys don't use Paul nowadays???