Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Sultans were a vocal group with band from Louisville,KY formed(they have many personal changes) by Tommy "Cosmo" Cosdon(Lead),Ralph Zehnder,John St. Clair and Lenny Whetley.they started in 1959 with the help of Charles and  Michael Woodering who sang with the group in their early years.

The boys singing  in the basement of the Rush Inn,situed at Brownsboro Rd. and Melwood Ave.played in the Trinity High School and were invited to VFW's in St. Mattews.

In 1961 the group recorded two songs written by Charles Woodring..

 -It'll Be Easy/You Got Me Goin'. Tilt Records

The A Side was number 1 locally.


In 1962 the group recorded the sides_Sweetheart Please Don't Go/Just Words. on the Tilt label but this only credited the recording to COSMO (see in this blog).

After this recording Cosmo leave the group.

Above The Sultans in 1962; Richard Metzger,John St. Clair,Bill Summitt,Lenny Whetley,George Owens,Bill Crabb,George Fawbush,Ronnie Deetch, and Frank Rush.

They recorded...

-Mary, Mary/How Far Does A Friendship Go. Jam Records-1962.
-Christina/Someone You Can Trust. Guyden Records-1963.(with Wayne Mcdonald on Lead).



Jesse Santamaría said...

Muy bueno este tema de los Sultans!!! Wow... a la que se despista uno, publicáis 5 o 6 posts nuevos... que alegría!!! Es increíble el material que mostráis en vuestro blog... La verdad es que se va a convertir en uno de visita obligada y diaria. Felicidades por todo el contenido y, como no, gracias por compartirlo con el barrio!!!

yankeefreak said...

Actually it is LENNY WHATLEY .
Thank you .