Monday, April 26, 2010


Hispanic group from the Murray Hill high school in Manhattan formed in 1955/56 and consisted of their kiddie Lead Johnny "Marsi" Marsicovetere,Gilbert Rivera(1st Tenor),Victor Crespo(2nd Tenor) and Louis Lugo(Bass).

In February 1958 recorded two singles for the X-Tra label from 1650 Broadway,NY. and owened by arranger and musician Ben Smith.

-You I Adore/It's Over Now.
-Patricia/By The Candleglow.(with The Dolls)

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In the late summer of 1958 they recorded one single for Brunswick Records.

-Oh Tell Me/Come On Baby.


Below the official Youngtone's 1958 postcard.

In 1959 back to X-Tra Records and recorded the sides_Can I Come Over?/Gonna Get Together Again. in the A side Ronald Jackson the brother of Adam Jackson who sung lead for The Jesters on Winley did the lead honors in sustitution of John.

In 1964 Times Square Records released in one single their unreleased tune_I Do.


In 1962 they recorded as MARSI & THE MATES (see in this blog).


Unknown said...

My Dad is John Marsi. He is still singing.

Paul said...

Hey!!! I know that guy!!!

mj86 said...

Great find!

Marsi and the Mates!