Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In 1957 four fellows from the South Philadelphia area formed a vocal group they named The Four J's they took their name based on the fact that each member's first name began with the letter J. they were Jr. Pirollo,Jimmy Testa,Joe"Judge"Milaro and Joe Paparella this soon was replaced by Jr's. brother-in-law Bob Finizio.
In 1958 they recorded for United Artists_Rock & Roll Age/Be Nice,Don't Fight. Jr. and Bob would eventualy become members of The Four Naturals from Red Top Records (see Four Naturals picture in this blog).In 1960 Bob Marcucci of Chancellor Records got to Jr.& bob a recording contract as back up group for Fabian Jr.& Bob once again teamed up with Jimmy Testa and added Ernie Espano to the group(replacing Joe Milano) they now are know as The fabulous Four.for the next 3-4 years the group recorded with and without Fabian(see Fabian & The Fabulous Four in this blog) and backed another Chancellors artists as Sonny Vito or Jodie Sands.
But in 1961 the group changed their name back to The Four J's and recorded for Jamie Records_Here I Am Broken Hearted/She Said That She Love Me. and_By Love Possessed/My Love My Love. in these recordings Johnny October replaced to Jimmy Testa.

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Rockin Richard (Phillips) said...

Jimmy Testa of the Four J's just passed on.
No details as of yet.