Monday, September 7, 2009

THE GALENS_Young Dreams

 Band/Group formed by Bob Hubener(Bassist),Charlene Knight(Lead Vocal),George Ross(Percussionist) and Norman Galen Harris(Piano).The quartet were managed by the Paris Sisters mother,Faye Paris.

They recorded...

-Baby I Do Love You/Love Bells. Challenge Records-1963
-Chinese Lanterns/Stranger In Paradise.Challenge Records-1964.
-Young Dreams/I Love You More Than You Know. Challenge Records-1965.

 In 1963 have a small hit with_Baby I Do Love You.( It was Dave Burgess playing "the saw" on this side).this song was based on a german folk song called _Du Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen. before recorded in english in 1949 by Russ Morgan as_You,You, You Are The One.

Charlene Knight before recorded as a solo artist on Pamela Records in 1961 with the sides_If You Pass Me By/If My Dreams Come True.and in 1962 as Bob O'Donnell & The Tru-Tones_Shy Boy/The Magic Trumpet.

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