Tuesday, October 5, 2010

THE GOOFERS_Hearts Of Stone

All five members of the Goofers were 5 Italian musicians originally part of Louis Prima’s big band, during the time of Keely Smith (w/Louis Prima 1948-1960). Louis would feature these five very talented Italian musicians, until one day, they decided to break out on their own, managed by Mannie Greenfield.

They developed a one-of-a-kind novelty act, playing their instruments while on pogo sticks or hanging upside down from a trapeze. Their musical style was swing/be-bop, often with all 5 members singing/harmonizing together.

Their members were; Frank Nichols (Frank James Nicolais)-Trumpet , Jimmy Vincent (James Vincent Faraci)-Drums, Jimmy Dell (James Edward Del Giudice)-Trombone, Tom (Tommy) Terry-Upright Bass, Jack Holliday (Jack M. Holliday)-Piano.

Alternate Piano: Bob Murray after Jack Holliday passed away.
Alternate Bass Player: Frank Mercy.

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-Hearts Of Stone / You're The One-1954.
-Flip Flop and Fly / My Babe-1955.
-Goofy Dry Bone / Nare-1955.
-Dee De dee Do / What Does That Dream Mean-1955.
-Sick Sick Sick / Twenty One-1955.
-Crave Me / Oh How I Miss You Tonight-1956.
-Teardrop Motel / Tennessee R&R-1956.
-I'm Gonna R&R Till I Died / Our Miss Brooks-1956.


-Sok's Alright / Little Bit Square, But Nice-1959.
-Namless / Perfidia-1959.

In 1954 for Coral Records covered the Jewels/Charms classic tune_Hearts Of Stone.

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Visit Goofer's web site at; http://www.thegoofers.net/

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