Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The Royal Jesters were a hispanic group born about 1958 as The Young Ones when Oscar Lesley Lawson and Mike Pedraza (Lead) from the Sidney Lanier High School with Enrique”Henry” Hernandez Jr. From a vocal group know as The Five Angels of Our Lady Of Guadalupe High School and Louis Escalante singing together at a church talent show in San Antonio’s West Side of Texas.

After the show they deceided a form The Royal Jesters,the guys singing and played instruments and for their life perfomances they added bands as The Reno Bops or others.

The group recorded...

-Ask Me To Move A Mountain/Is That Good Enough For You.Cobra Records-1961.

-Love Me/Let's Kiss And Make Up.Cobra Records-1962.

-Wisdom Of a Fool/What Love Has Joined Together. Jester Records-1962.

-My Love My Love/Use Your Head. Jester Records-1962.

-We Go Together/I Want You Around. Jester Records-1962.

-Let There Be You/I Really Don't Want To Know. Jester Records-1962.

-I'm Sorry/Take me For a Little While. Jester Records-1962.

-I Want To Be Loved/I Never Will Forget.CobraRecords-1963.

-My Angel Of Love/Those Dreamy Eyes.Harlem Records-1963.


From the late 50’s to the mid 60’s the group have many personal changes as for example Toni Arci,Bobby Cantu,Charlie Walker,Dimas Garza or Jose”Joe Jama”Perales where some of the buddies who singing with the Group.

In 1966 the group recorded in the Jox label popish spanish sides as_Muchachita. or_Perdon.


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