Sunday, July 26, 2009

THE VISUALS_Look At The Moon(unre.)

Bobby Farrow(Lead)(See below The Corsairs),Anthony "Rocky " Galente(2nd Tenor),Stu Magnus(1st Tenor) and Mel Maron(Bass) were the Brooklyn New York Visual's(a name they took from the Dictionary) and recorded for Poplar Records....

-Submarine Race/Maybe you.1962
-A Boy A Girl And A Dream/My Juanita.1963
-Please Don't Be Mad At Me/Blue Enough To Call.1963

In the last 45 RPM the group added 5th member Jay Rose(Falsetto).

Some demos of the group are_Darling We're In Love,Lookin' At The Moon,One Little Kiss or_The Devil.with a female lead.

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The Corsairs(circa 1960).

This is the Bob Farrow unrecorded group before he formed The Visuals.

Bobby Farrow(Baritone & Falsetto),Howie Farrow(1st Tenor),Brian Farrow(2nd Tenor),Kenny McLinick(Bass) and Johnny Turco(Lead).

Additional note;

According to The Complete Book Of Doo Wop The Talkabouts (Poplar Baltimore recording group) side_Sweet Lovin Baby. is by The Visuals.

Anyone know is this is correct?.


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