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Peter"Anders"Andreoli and Vince Poncia Jr. were present in the Jeff Kreiter Vocal Group Record Guide as Pete & Vinnie on Big Top Records.

Pete and Vinnie were part of the Providence,Rhode island vocal group The Videls(see in this blog) in this group they singing and written their own compositions and in the summer of 1960 charted #73 with their tune_Mister Lonely.

Above;The Videls 1959 (left to right): Bobby Calitri, VINNIE PONCIA, PETER"ANDERS" ANDREOLI, Dino Amaral, Norman Marzano.

Above;The Videls 1960: (left to right): Norman Marzano, PETER"ANDERS" ANDREOLI, VINNIE PONCIA, Bobby Calitri, Herbert Rickey.

When the Videls broke up in late 1961 Pete and Vinnie joined forces with Allie Contrera and George Galfo of The Mystics and for a brief time they perfomed live as both The Mystics and The Videls.

In 1962 Anders recorded one single for Corvair records and Vinnie on Elmor Records as Vince Parelle but without any 1963 the writting team signed with famed writer Doc Pomus and writing several songs as_Why Can't We Try It Again/Laughing Fool/Remember Me/Why Does The Dance Have To End/Laughs Laughs/ Hand Clappin Time/Ballad Of The Willow Three/After The Party's Over/What'll Do With The Pieces/She's The Girl Who Stole My Baby/Understand Me.
All these sides were recorded in 1963 as Demos by Pete & Vinnie .

Finally the New York based label Big Top Record was interested in one side of the duo_Hand Clappin' Time. Peter and Vinnie with Allie Contrera,George Galfo,Albie Cracolici and Phil Cracolici of The Mystics recorded again the song on two parts and finally the label released these two sides in late 1963 as_Hand Clappin' Time (part 1) and (Part 2).

Above left to right; Allie Contrera,Phil Cracolici,George Galfo and Albie Cracolici of The Mystics who recorded with Pete and Vinnie.

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After this recording the team signed with Phil Spector and writing songs for The Ronettes and singing on spector's short-lived Shirley label as The Treasures.the duo continue writing several songs for other artists and for their own group The Tradewinds(see in this blog) until 1967.

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Unknown said...

at Vini Poncia's suggestiion, I am trying to reach Bobby Calitri of The Videls.

I'm an old friend of Norman, Pete, and Vini.

BTW, he spells his name "Vini" for sure! maybe you can fix it someday.