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In 1957 Larry"Chance" Figueiredo(Lead),Larry Palumbo(Baritone),Eddie Harder(2nd Tenor),Bob DelDin(1st Tenor) and Jack Wray(Bass) from the Bronx were know as The High Hatters.

In 1959 signed with Johnny Power and Trade Martin label Rome Records.Picking their new name The Earls from the dictionary and go to the record studio(unafortunely Larry Palumbo died of a bood clot caused by a jumping in the army and never recorded with the group).

Above;Larry Palumbo original member of The Earls and below picture, the Earls with Larry in stage (Larry on far right)...

In 1961 Rome Records released The Earl's single_Life Is But A Dream/It's You(the B side later remaned as_Without You).

The A side a update version of The Harptones 1955 tune became a local hit and charted #107 nationally.


The second Rome single have their version of_Looking For My Baby.originally by Tony Morra & The Du-Wells(see in this blog) with the B side_Cross My heart.


After these two releases the label send the group a back up solo artists as Cathy Carroll and James MacArtur on Triodex or Jimmy Cee on Bop Records.


The Earls last record on Rome was in early 1962 with _My Hearts Desire/I'll Never Cry. but without any success.

In the summer of 1962 the group was involved with Stan Vincent who send the guys to Old Town Records,their A side of the first release in this major label_Remember Then/Let's Waddle. charted #24 nationally in late 1962.


Their second release _Never/I Keep Tellin' You. was in the early 1963 and the A side was a local hit and charted # 119 nationally.followed this recording was_Eyes/Looking' My Way. and again the A side charted #123 nationally in July,1963.


In the followed single_Kissin/Cry Cry Cry. the group was billed for the first time as The Earls featuring Larry Chance.

In 1964 Jack Wray and Bob DelDin left the group and were replaced by Bob Morisco and Ronnie Calabrese.the group recorded three new Old Town singles and one LP without any success(only the tune_I Believe. is considered today a semi classic song).


In 1966 the group moved to Mr. G and from there to ABC Records where recorded one single on each label with a modern sound.

Finally in 1968 the group disbanded and returned in 1973 as a nine-piece band called Smokestack but from 1975 to today they back to the doo wop sound .

Additional notes...

-Larry chance recorded in 1964 one own single on Barry Records.

-The Crowns with_Possibility. and The Barons with_Remember Rita. were two tunes with a Larry Chance Earl's sound-a-like.

-In 1976 unreleased side of the group as_Stormy Weather,Lost Love..were pressed as 45 rpm's.

-In 1977 Woodbury Records re-released the Old Town 1965 LP "The Earls-Remember Me Baby" and also enclosed some unreleased cuts.

Below rare picture of Larry Chance & Grp...

This photo is posted in the Larry's Facebook site and according to the picture notes this is from 1960 and the girl is Bob Moricco's sister. He's on the bottom right. He later spent some time as a member of the Earls. name of the group were unknow.

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Iapetus 51 said...

The Earls "Live" - 1991

"Life is But a Dream" & "Looking for My Baby" (Acappella)
Larry Chance * Lead
Bobby Coleman * 1st Tenor
Bobby T * 2nd Tenor
Artie Loria * Bass
TJ Barbella * Baritone