Thursday, April 2, 2009


Irreal group/band from Los Angeles consisted of Gary Paxton (Lead), Bobby Rey, Ted Marsh, Gary Webb, Dear Weaver and Ted Winters.

Present in The Complete Book Of Doo Wop with...

-Alley Oop / Sho' Know A Lot About Love. Lute Records-1960.
-Gun Totin' Critter Named Jack / Bug-Eye. Lute Records-1960.
-Hully Gully / So Fine Lute Records-1960.
-See You In The Morning / The Morning After. Finer Arts Records-1961.
-(My Real Boss) Bossy-Nover / Find Another Way. Felsted Records-1963.
-Long Hair, Unsquare Dude Called Jack / Ole'. Chatahoochie Records-1965.

Gary Paxton (Hollywood Argyles Inst.)

-You've Been Torturing Me / The Grubble. Paxley Records-1961.

-Alley Ooop was a Billboard number #1 in the summer of 1960.

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