Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Another Rare Doo-Wop Picture

Rare picture of Eddie & The Emeralds, an early sixties unrecorded doo wop group from Saint Francis Prep in Brooklyn and consisted of Ed Deschner(Lead),Jim McGreeve(Bass-Baritone),George Taylor(2nd Tenor) and Charley DiVuolo(1st tenor).

They recorded demos as_This is My Love/Juanita,/Warm/Sunday Kind Of Love.

The group got together,on and off,until the early seventies. later Charley recorded with the acapella group Jersey Dream.

More info at;http://www.greenpt.com/greenpoint_doo_wop.htm

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Jim Doowop said...

Thanks for posting. My name is Jim McGreevey an original member of Eddie & The Emeralds (second from the left) Sadly, Charley Divuolo passed away a few years ago and I have not heard from Eddie or George since the early 70s. I am currently singing with "Lola and The Saints" in Florida. Our website is www.lolaandthesaints.com