Wednesday, October 21, 2009


From left; Joe,Lewie,Frank and Bob Jordan from Frackville,PA.

 In 1963 they recorded for Mer-Bri Records the fantastic uptempo side_Beach Party.with the instrumental B side_Having A Party.

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Additional note...

The Jordan Brothers from Frackville,Pa started as a duet by Joe & Frank Jordan who in 1958 recorded their debut single_Oh Lolly/Send Me Your Picture. on the Jordan J/Jamie label.The duo with their Everly Brothers sound was very popular and appearing three times on American Bandstand,Jerry Blavat's WFIL "Discophonic TV Scene" and appeared in East Coast TV programs especially in the Tri-State area.

In 1961 joined brothers Bobby and Lew and recorded as a quartet, from 1958 to 1963 recorded eight singles for Jamie,Vim and Mer-Bri Records but only the above mentioned recording on the Mer-Bri label is listed in the doo wop guides.

LISTEN...The Jordan Brothers_Be Mine. on Jamie Records from 1959.


hankahanka said...

great a great bunch of guys...frank jordan calls this "urban doo-wopp"

Unknown said...

One of many great songs by a fantastic group from Frackville,Pa Played at the best dance ever, Willow Lake. They toured with Dick Clark and many many big stars of the 60's. They were the best and still are fantastic.